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  1. I just happened to accidentally stumble upon this site today, & must say I’m very glad to see that it exists! It’s my hope that we will soon see an exponential growth in the number of people turning away from malzoism as the general population reaches a “critical mass” in those who have “awakened”.

  2. I Just found your website after googling the term “malzoan”, which I saw in a DxE post on FB. I just read through the Defensive Omnivore Bingo and your wonderfully thorough and articulate responses to these oft-repeated questions and excuses. I even shared them with my daughter, who is also a a vegan like me, and gets a lot of flack from her fellow high school students about her choice not to eat animals and animal-products. She feels much more empowered to respond to them after reading your responses. Thank you for all you are doing to promote kindness to animals and the adoption of a vegan diet.

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